Can you elope in The Bahamas?

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Can You Elope in The Bahamas

Can you elope in The Bahamas? The simple answer to the question of whether you can elope in the Bahamas is Yes! The Bahamas is amongst the easiest places in the world for foreigners to get married, and an even better place for elopements as you will require no more than the documents you would need at your local courthouse to elope in the Bahamas.

Is a marriage in the Bahamas legal in the US?

It's a frequent question - "Is a marriage in the Bahamas legal in the US?" Yes, once you are legally married in The Bahamas, your marriage in The Bahamas is also legal in the US and Canada, or anywhere in the world, you may happen to live. Your marriage certificate from The Bahamas has a special seal, applied by the Bahamas authority to certify that the document is an official document, you can also have it Apostille by The Ministry of Foreign which is a further authentication and is accepted by over 110 countries that are apart of The Hague Convention on Apostille 

So what do you need to elope in the Bahamas?

To elope in The Bahamas, you simply need your passport, and proof that you are single, (never been married and you would prove this with an affidavit of single-hood in The Bahamas), divorced, or widowed and you are eligible to get married in the Bahamas. These are the documents and proof you need to qualify for a Bahamas Marriage License.

And to apply for your license you must satisfy the residency requirement for getting married in The Bahamas which is to be in the country for at least 24 hours. The Bahamas Immigration Card that you get on the flight or entry stamp in your passport will suffice as proof of the date of your arrival in The Bahamas. 

A marriage license is usually issued within the same day, once all of the required paperwork is in order. This is why it is so important to get expert guidance when you decide to elope in the Bahamas.

Once you have your Bahamas Marriage License, you would need to contract the services of a licensed Bahamas Marriage Officer, as these are the only persons legally recognized to perform elopements and weddings in The Bahamas.

And it’s quite easy to get to The Bahamas, as The Bahamas is a short 2 1/2 hour flight from most major cities in North America and 45 minutes from Florida. Then there are the luxury resorts that are available across the islands of the Bahamas, making it the ideal place, for a romantic getaway and eloping to the Bahamas.

And eloping in The Bahamas, you get the social distancing and privacy you need, as there are more than 700 islands and Cays making up the Bahama island chain with more than 5000 pink and white powdery sand, beaches - for your elopement.

How much does it cost to elope in The Bahamas?

You also may be wondering, how much does it cost to get married in The Bahamas? And it may also surprise you to learn that if you are eloping to The Bahamas you only need to pay the government application fee of $100.00 for your marriage license, $25.00 for a certified copy of the marriage certificate after the wedding, and the fee of your wedding officiant to get married in The Bahamas. You can see what a wedding officiant in The Bahamas costs at this link - Book Bahamas Wedding Officiant. And if you really want to make it a fun, stress-free experience then you want to consider using our Priority Bahamas Marriage License Application Services for expert guidance on your Bahamas elopement.

And if you want to make it a small wedding then The Island Nuptial Bahamas Elopement & Wedding Package Series starts at US$1,495.00 for the Sweet Beginning package and US$11,995.00 for the Eternal Love package.

Amazing Bahamas Elopement Experiences

Grace & Connor Eloping in the Bahamas

"Getting married in The Bahamas was a breeze. Glenn Ferguson took care of everything and made the process run as smoothly as possible. It was such an amazing experience to be able to marry the love of my life on my first trip outside of the country." - Connor Miller



David & Natalie Elope to The Bahamas


David & Natalie elope in The Bahamas

"I cannot say enough about how satisfied my wife and I are with Bahamas Elopement Packages! Glenn Ferguson was wonderful throughout the entire process! He helped easily navigate the bureaucracy of obtaining a marriage license even bringing us to the office in his car. Tonny, Glenn's assistant picked us up for the ceremony in a beautiful car and whisked us to Nuptial Beach. Glenn orchestrated a beautiful ceremony for just the two of us. Everything from the flowers to the photography were carefully thought out and well-executed. The caring and warmth that Glenn puts into his ceremony went far beyond what we expected. He's cheerful, pleasant, and his wonderful sense of humor all comes through. This is a man who loves his work and it shows!" - David Misita on Google


Kyle Turcotte

Perfect Bahamas Elopement Package! In 31 days time Glenn managed to put together a dream Bahamas elopement for my wife and I. He was quick to respond, professional, and had a charismatic nature that always put us at ease. Glenn made the entire process, even on such a tight timeline, feel beyond easy. He also was willing to modify and added little touches like willingness to get us a small (but beautiful) cake since we didn’t need the bouquet in the wedding package. I honestly can’t say enough for the quality and value of Glenn’s services and how happy my wife and I are with the wedding he gave us.

eloping in The Bahamas

Kyle & Michelle Eloping in The Bahamas


Are you legally married if you get married in the Bahamas?

Yes, you are legally married if you get married in the Bahamas, as long as you meet the requirements for a valid marriage under Bahamian law. To ensure that your marriage in the Bahamas is recognized in your home country, you should take the following steps:

  1. Research your home country's marriage recognition requirements: Each country has its own rules and regulations regarding the recognition of foreign marriages. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these requirements before getting married in The Bahamas.
  2. Obtain necessary documentation: You may need to provide certain documents, such as a marriage certificate, apostille, or certified translation, to prove the validity of your marriage to your home country's authorities. Be sure to gather all required documents while in The Bahamas.
  3. Register your marriage in your home country: Some countries require you to register your foreign marriage with the appropriate government agency or local authority. Make sure to complete any required registration processes to ensure your marriage in The Bahamas is legally recognized.
  4. Consult with a legal professional: If you have any doubts or concerns about the legal status of your marriage, it's a good idea to consult with a legal professional in your home country. They can provide guidance on the necessary steps to take and help you navigate any potential legal issues that may arise.


By following these steps and ensuring you meet all legal requirements, you can help guarantee that your marriage in the Bahamas is recognized and legally valid in your home country.


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