Bahamas Marriage License

A Bahamas Marriage License is a Legal Requirement for an Elopement
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Bahamas Marriage License


Bahamas Marriage License is one of the legal requirements for anyone wishing to have an elopement or wedding in The Bahamas. And only a Bahamian marriage license issued by The Commonwealth of The Bahamas Government Registrar General’s Office, Marriages Department in Nassau and Paradise Island and Freeport, Grand Bahama, or at The Government Administrator's office in any of the islands is legally recognized for getting married in The Bahamas and issuance of a Bahamas marriage certificate. A Bahamas marriage license is valid for three months and is only issued once both parties are in the country, so you would have to have your destination wedding within that time.

Marriage License in The Bahamas

So just how do you get a marriage license in The Bahamas? Simply call or WhatsApp 1-(242)-395-8495 to let our Licensed Bahamas Marriage Officer and Wedding Officiant, Glenn Ferguson, help you with getting your marriage license in The Bahamas in 2 simple steps. Glenn will help you with all of the legal requirements for marriage in The Bahamas, to ensure that your marriage is recognized anywhere you happen to live in the world. Including helping with getting an Apostille Certified Bahamas Marriage Certificate after your marriage.  

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Bahamas Marriage License Eligibility 

The legal age of marriage in The Bahamas is 18 years but if you are under this age, parental consent forms are available for your parents to consent to the marriage. And you must be either single, divorced, or widowed to get married in The Bahamas and the following documents are needed...

  • If divorce then the document you will need, is the original copy of your "Divorce Decree Absolute" with a raised seal or color stamp, authenticating it as a legal document.
  • If widowed, then you will need the original death certificate of your deceased spouse.
  • If you are single and have never been married before then you would have to swear an affidavit of single-hood before a justice of the peace, marriage officer, or person authorized to complete the affidavit.
  • A birth certificate is not required for marriage licenses if you have a valid passport.

Watch the video below for information on obtaining a license and eligibility for weddings on your Bahamas vacation.

Bahamas Marriage License Application Process for Getting Married in Bahamas

  1. Complete a Bahamas Marriage License Application form, including having it notarized by a Bahamas Licensed Marriage Officer, then submit this form to the Marriage Registration Section of the Registrar General’s Department.
  2. Present a valid picture ID. A picture ID may take the form of a driver’s license or a valid passport.
  3. Participate in an interview if required:
    1. A Bahamian marrying another Bahamian is not required to be interviewed and the person performing the ceremony can sign the declaration.
    2. A Bahamian marrying a non-Bahamian must be interviewed by the Registrar General. The Registrar has to sign the declaration in this instance.
  4. Non-Bahamian applicants are interviewed by either the Registrars or any of the five designated Marriage Officers.
  5. Once approved, a license is issued after payment of the $100.00 application fee. And to get a certified copy of your Bahamas marriage certificate after the wedding ceremony is $20.00.

Got Questions? Simply click ASK Glenn or Call or WhatsApp 1-(242)-395-8495 to get help with your Bahamas marriage license and other legal requirements for getting married in Bahamas. Glenn is a Licensed Bahamas Marriage Officer and Officiant and can help with all of the services need to get a marriage license in The Bahamas.


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