How to Get a Copy of Bahamas Marriage Certificate

Here is How to Get Your Certificate in 2 Easy Steps


Certified Copy of Bahamas Marriage Certificate


Get Copy of Bahamas Marriage Certificate in 2 Easy Steps

Looking to get copy of Bahamas Marriage Certificate? Then our priority Bahamas Marriage Certificate and License Search can help you.

As it allows you to obtain a Certified Copy of Bahamas Marriage Certificate in 2 Easy Steps

  • Prove Identity and Validity of Bahamas Marriage Certificate Request. In order to confirm request integrity preventing or reducing a bogus request of personal record you will have to provide: 
      • Signed Letter officially requesting Bahamas Marriage Certificate
      • Copy of Government-issued identification i.e Passport or Driver’s License.
  • Payment of Certified Bahamas Marriage Certificate Fee of US $20.00 per copy

We are committed to ensuring that your Marriage Certificate Request is processed and ready within five (5) days.

Apostille of Bahamas Marriage Certificate

We strongly recommend that that you have your Certified Bahamas Marriage Certificate Apostille. 

An Apostille or legalization fixture is critical for document acceptance between countries please note compliance with International public law inclusive of but not limited to legitimizing renewal or changes to passport, driver license, or insurance applications as well as subsistence benefit, housing compliance, and procedure affecting divorce and will preparation. 

Frequently asked questions can be viewed via

The Apostille fixture is a four (4) business day paid service provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs proving the document’s authenticity. 

    • The cost of the Apostille is US$120.00 per copy.

*It is also important to state the country for which the document will be used as this is critical in its preparation.


While this process is sufficient for most countries, it is your responsibility to seek further guidance to ensure a specific country’s acceptance.

Shipment of Certified Bahamas Marriage Certificate

Our goal is to get your Bahamas Marriage Certificate in your hand as quickly as possible. 

Therefore the only forms of shipments used are Bahamas Post Office guaranteed Express Mail Service and FEDEX Overnight Service.


*These forms of shipment offers not only delivery date guarantees but tracking ability for sensitive documents which is critical due to the global increase of human trafficking and identity theft.


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