How Do I Get Married in The Bahamas?

What you need to know to have your wedding in the Bahamas
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How Do I Get Married in The Bahamas?


If you are planning on getting married in the Bahamas then I'm sure you are asking the question "How do I get married in the Bahamas?"


Here are 7 simple steps to getting married in the Bahamas. 

  1. Residency. You and your partner must be in the Bahamas at least 24 hours before applying for your marriage license.
  2. Prove Identity. You will need to prove that you are who you say you are. And you can do this with an official passport issued by your country of residence or birth.
  3. Prove Eligibility. To get married in the Bahamas you must age 18 and either single, divorced, or widowed and you must be able to prove your eligibility.
  1. Submit to an Interview. You and your partner must both be present when applying for your marriage license at the Registrar General's Office and be interviewed before your license is granted. No need to worry the interview is not a difficult one and you should do o.k
  1. Pay Fees. You will have to pay a marriage license fee of $100.00 and to get a certified copy of your marriage certificate it will cost you $20.00
  1. Contract a Licensed Bahamas Marriage Officer. Once your marriage license has been approved then you need to contract the services of a Bahamas Marriage Officer. As all weddings in the Bahamas must be performed by a Bahamas Licensed Marriage Officer
  1. Get married within 90 days. Your Bahamas Marriage license is valid for 90 days so you must ensure that you are married within this time or you will have to reapply for another marriage license.

There you have it 7 simple steps to getting married in the Bahamas.


If you have questions about how to get married in the Bahamas, simply click ASK Glenn or call or WhatsApp me Glenn Ferguson, your Bahamas wedding officiant at 1-(242)-395-8495 and I'll get you the help you need.  


Looking forward to celebrating with you at your wedding in the Bahamas.



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